my friends

things that will not help you tomorrow

paychecks, mortgages, leases and bills

jobs and bosses and stockmarket losses

this is his picture

his ideals

but my firends

wild and free

tattooed and holding blank canvases

running alongside the freeway laughing

they dare my life

ask it if it cares for them

they test their days

remind themselves they are alive

“live for today, tomorrow may never come”

they tell me, climbing cliffs

dancing in the crowds

creating the laughter

causing the comotion

my soul reminds me

about what is really important

of which path to take

the jungle of time is snarled

with the quick deaths of friends I know

and relatives I did not

reminds me of my present postion

I am alive where I am

Amonda, shot in the head, is long since buried…

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