what people see

really is not me

different inside

lord knows I try

pulled between two extremes

I know what it all means

but instead I hide

perfect hair, fake “Hi”s

its just more easy

less they really see me

but I cannot regret at the end

I must write the letters I send

take the chance

open the door

the honest enhance

and there is more

open the closet of fear

wear what you thought they’d jeer

start to end the lie

a worker bee goodbye

leave the false friends

cash at ATM’s

the work in Orwell’s den

open the shades

sign your name

stand up without aide

of tricks to play the game 

some will always betray

but pure self is strong

dark night is part of day

not always a happy song

feel the morning sun 

 in a pure soul of real

the fake facade undone

a smile only truth can feel

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