This is the first post in a new section called, “Words I like to say”.  The first word I enter into this category is slather.  There is a smoothness to it, and don’t rush it, start slow, then fall into the last syllable…  Slather.

Definition per

1. to spread or apply thickly: to slather butter on toast.
2. to spread something thickly on (usually followed by with  ): to slather toast with butter.
3. to spend or use lavishly.
There is a, but it is not what you think.  It is owned by a couple of guys in Alaska, thus looks like some kind of homage to an old Jeep they call Mr. Nate.
I think of barbecue sauce or melted chocolate attached to this word, ” The wings are slathered in a barbecue-chocolate sauce.”  
Are there any bad connotations out there?  I was slathered in army ants?  No way.  
I was slathered in high priced hookers, hell yeah!  Now that’s a party!  If I become a famous rapper, I might have to make my rap name out of this, like MC SLATH-HER or something…

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