It’s like two syllables of instant fun…  Gouda.  Instead of a cheese or a town, it should be an expression of extreme happiness:  Gouda!  High Five!  Way to Gouda!

Definition per Dictionary.com:

1. a city in the W Netherlands, NE of Rotterdam.
2. a semisoft, cream-colored cheese made in Holland from whole orpartly skimmed milk.
There is not website attached to www.gouda.com, which is a shame.  Who would not want to see a page full of cheese?  And recipes?  And pictures?  Cheese porn!  I guess the domain is owned by World Media Group, and is probably up for sale if you are interested.  Maybe let’s start a kickstarter campaign to buy gouda.com and start a website?
Gouda, there is a uniqueness to the word.  The beginning “Gou”  followed by the simple “da”, any food item gains instant credibility when you add gouda to it.
“I’m making hamburgers, with lettuce, onions, bacon and gouda.”
“Gouda?!? Damn dude, is it the Superbowl?”

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