She grabbed me.

all of me, without even looking.

Stamped her logo upon my soul.

It is the reason why the heart holds hope,

why you keep going.

And ever since…

Everything else forgot relevance.

Her beauty teleported my eyes;

bills, money, modern paper problems…

Now filed under never mind, does not matter.

A wake up call for life,

She inspired changes for the better.

Clear out the smoke, put the bottle down.

She could be my new purpose,

the parties always end, bottles are made to empty.

The batteries die, the ice melted,

the sun comes up, people go home.

I played my share of beer pong.

I drank the body shots off the bosom of life’s hotties,

as they lay on the bar under the tiki hut.

Tokes and snorts all night long,

I funneled in the fun until it soaked my shirt,

and slept on bathroom floor…

like an empty, crumpled beer can that missed the garbage.

And I woke up the next day, and said never again.

I looked in the mirror, rubbed my bloodshot eyes

asked for a reason…  or an answer.

But nothing happened,

no lightning bolt or magic revelation.

Just keep going, and try to be better;

until one morning.   My timing became perfect.

My path crossed with a miracle.


Now I know for sure,

why life waited all this time.

I realized it was Her.

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