that guy in traffic

Alarm clock dog on my face,

awake, take a walk.

Now off to the traffic line,

and tetris into place.

Changing channel radio talk show ride,

drifting day dream about how to get out…






You Will Not Get Away!  Asshole Driver!

I scream and spasm with foul hand gestures

I must look stupid from the outside with no sound

Nothing Else Matters But Justice!

This Dick Must Pay!!!

Work, future thoughts, safety,

gone like my exhaust as I pursue.

The car is older, rustier, with bad tires,

window tint stuck on like dirty saran wrap.

Weaves in and out, cuts another off.

They are fast, in a hurry,

Join the fucking club, pal.

Then a commercial…

Why am I following this loser?

Where is all the hate coming from?

Just because they can’t drive?

Like water off a duck, let it bounce off.



Let go of the rusty old car.

Looks like they have their own problems, anyways.

No need to add to mine…

Good luck loser, I gotta rotate and get back in line.

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