Planted deep within
by the most graceful of hands
In the human center of thought
ruling the human made lands
Alive in those comfortable dreams
I danced in the youth of a child
I reigned in the wonder in our eyes
and felt safe in nature’s wild
I am the source of that inner voice
a mountain spring of knowledge pure
Bubbling glimpses of hope
to reinforce your decision sure
On your velvet couch of numbers and facts
I can never ask to lie down
I can never chose to quit the game
or decide to leave town
I am your full time resident
three roommates and friends
One in mind, one violent time
one can never will to end
But the ship is not mine to control
just your passenger lost again
Mispelled my name on your roster
when it was time to come in
Pleasure they convince that you earned
gifts they grant with envy
They turn their media spotlight on
And remind you that you feel happy
Still you continue to let the garbage seep in
Millions of flashing pictures and words
display these failure influencing images
all made with messages for the herd
Forced to drive in a straight line
Determined by decisions of what to broadcast
You choose to look and stare at the glare
loosening our ties I try to grasp
They are full of money back lies
on your weakness they pounce
They only see in terms of profit
and how to steal every last ounce
Those evil drugs and second guesses
Important moments of choice
I yelled and screamed my loudest
but you still listened to the wrong voice
They change your process of thought
those old men force a bad connection
They sabotage my compass of life
with you in the wrong direction
Forget their influence for free
step up and see the whole picture painted
Realize the outcome of your artist
with no more thoughts society tainted
They rearrange your natural values
locks to try and shut me out
But it is me with the key
to unlock the lies they shout



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