Channel Change

When you want to run away,


Seek out why you want to fly.

Find strength to look past the fear.

Look deeper inside the fright,

see all the good that just might.

Whisper into the noises,

close your eyes tighter to see.

Dream into the confliction,

and hug the worst part of free.

Sing with the deaf.

Paint for the blind.

Embrace the worst of your thoughts,

even the ones with no rhyme.

Run straight into the darkness,

carry your homemade candle.

Illuminate the hopeless,

a love spark they can handle.

Flower for the gun barrel,

new generations can learn.


Instead of cameras watching them burn.

Plant the hope for the children,

not the same re-run of hate.

Let us try a new channel,

so we can change all of our fate.


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